Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I guess it’s time to post a new installment of the blog, but if you read to the bottom of this you will learn a great secret.

Firstly, news about the promotion of my novel Deadly Enterprise. We were in Calgary this weekend in order for my wife to be near the front of the traffic jams when her medical appointment time came near. To be fair to Calgary, which – being an oil town – is more than it is to the rest of us, we took less than thirty minutes to get across town to the Foothills Hospital and we weren’t involved in a multi vehicle pile-up or even a huge construction site necessitating a lengthy diversion.

In the morning, I called in at the Sentry Box, a store on 10th Ave SW – out close to the Crowchild Trail – that specializes in Science Fiction and Fantasy (both books and games); wargaming of all kinds; miniatures and everything else along those lines. My intention was to drop off a couple of copies of Deadly Enterprise for them to sell, but the book manager did one better, he ordered two copies in from Ingram.

So, if you live in Calgary, or close enough to visit, take a drive down 10th Avenue SW almost to the end and call in to the Sentry Box. (Actually, you’ll need to make a diversion around 14th Street because 10th is barriered there.) I doubt you’ll be able to leave without buying something, and with luck it will be one of the copies of my novel.

In lieu of another installment of my Oil Gypsy stories I’m posting a link to my other blog – the rant one. It’s at www.trailowner.blogspot.com . I’ve not posted anything there since June but I was touched by an ad my wife read out of the Calgary Herald, and thought it merited a few thoughts. I gave it a quite innocuous title, The Courage to do the Right Thing.

If you are as fanatically pro-Bush as . . . dunno, hardly anyone is these days, are they? Well, start again, if you are fanatically so Republican that you’ve closed your eyes to all the things Bush has done contrary to Republican ethics, like pervert the Constitution, you might want to give it a miss. But . . . if for fun you can’t resist answering blogs you disagree with, take a look. The site had been totally ignored until a few days back when someone as famous as Anonymous commented twice on one of the blog entries. Well, actually he tried to hammer a second time at my response, but he gave up the fight after that. It has some classic entries like The CSIS Way with Terrorists, or All Honorable Men: Eulogy for Saddam. Come and say a few words.

So, there you have the secret. I have come out of the closet and revealed myself as a Liberal – a Canadian Liberal, living in Alberta. I should be worth something, even if only as a rarity.


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