Friday, December 21, 2007

Hi All:

Wishing everyone holiday greetings. Just a short post this time.

I’m starting to cooperate on another blog with another writer. Must admit that I haven’t been very punctual with my posts here, so the idea is that the more bloggers the better. The site is called “Life’s quite a ride” and the link is

The best news of the season is that the Double Dragon anthologies, Twisted Tales II, Volume One – “Time on our Hands” and Volume Two – “Out of Time” are both listed as finalists in the Eppie Awards for 2007. I have a short story in volume two – actually the first short story I’ve written in years – so I’ll perhaps look more kindly at the activity if we win (maybe even if we don’t). I’m only one writer in the volume. With nine other writers in the volume, I can’t claim to have made a big difference, but hey – I didn’t screw it up, either.

Marilyn Peake was the member of the group who entered the anthologies in several contests this year – spent $800 on entry fees and book copies to be judged. She says it was part of her promotion budget for the year, but we are all chipping in a bit of cash to play our parts.

I remember reading the website of a small publisher a few years ago, who was everything but enthusiastic about the marketplace. He had a page titled “Ten things I’ve learned in Publishing”. One of them was “Awards don’t mean shit.” I have noticed that some of the online award sites that allow visitors to vote in their competitions are open to . . . well, the charitable word might be ‘influence’. It’s rather like picking a President – whoever has the most friends wins.

One last word about the season. Shirley is out at her aquasizing this afternoon and I’m baking a Stollen. Never tried it before. I’m using the bread machine to make the dough, so I had to juggle the Stollen recipe in one book with a slightly similar recipe in the bread machine book. It’s currently halfway through its last rising, but I’m not going to peek. Everything has gone quite well so far, except I couldn’t get the ovals to close properly after I filled the centres with the melted butter, sugar, and cinnamon. I expect some of the filling will leak out.

Call it my festive activity of the season. It’s really a Chris-stollen.


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