Thursday, January 31, 2008

The second Iskander series novel, The Wildcat's Victory, is in the process of being released. The Double Dragon site is up --
Go and take a look.

The other sites -- Amazon for the POD paperback and Kindle, Fictionwise, etc will follow in the next few days.

I'm not too sure about the cover picture yet. I like the dramatic atmosphere but I'm not sure I see the figure clearly enough to understand the pose. Maybe it's me, not looking with the right eyes.

I will be starting a virtual book tour for the novel. A new blogsite will be part of the procedure, but I will also announce the activity on this one.

I did join another writer's blog, late last year. The idea is we can keep posts coming more frequently with more writers. That'd be a great idea, but I'm told search engines will flag the sites as spam if they see the same posts in several places. It means I have to write something different at each one.

Oh well, I guess I call myself a writer.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Announcement! Announcement! Announcement!

Er . . . do you get the idea? This blog is actually about to display some news.

The Wildcat’s Victory.

The sequel to Deadly Enterprise, my SF adventure novel about the tough and reckless Gisel Matah, is soon to be published. This month.

Here, for the first time unveiled, is the promotion blurb for the novel. Read, salivate, and prepare to buy. The novel will be on the Double Dragon site by the end of the month, as well as on Amazon as both a POD paperback and a Kindle edition.

Here goes –

Follow Gisel Matah and the thunder of hooves as she strikes back at the Imperial armies that threaten all she has worked for. She must defy every established world power to bring justice to common peasants and workers in societies now ruled by greedy aristocrats. Her covert activities require her to protect her fledgling Radical movement from both friends and enemies.

Risking her life and her love, Gisel negotiates even greater hazards in a wide ranging adventure. Her partner, Yohan Felger, becomes a problem when the Baron has him smuggle a steam engine to the Empire. Gisel knows of the subterfuge but cannot admit it, while Yohan is almost torn apart by the need to deceive her. Faced with removing the pressure on Yohan as he moves his contraband engine, she accepts the offer of General Lord Ricart, an ex-lover, to command a cavalry unit in battle. Her reckless courage is needed to carry out missions against two Imperial armies.

The fight finds her opposed by ever increasing odds until in the final confrontation she must outwit two enemies who vie to dominate Iskander. New friends, allies, and enemies as well as all the old ones fill the pages when Gisel Matah sets out to gain "The Wildcat's Victory".

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